viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Goddeses Garden. El jardin de las diosas. Fernando Alonso Barahona

Fernando Alonso Barahona 

Stone statues  , marble and cold
Safo dressed on blue and white ,
naked Venus ,
flamed breasts
and morbid skin
like only robe .
Isis touching  the sun ,
Afrodita spinning captive sexes,
Dafne looking for the sea
with her red lips ,
sweet melody
of a song .

Are you, Goddess , one of this garden souls ?
Are you voice, desire,
words , touching
of love ?.

I should kiss your statue ,
open your heart to the world
trembling with you
and drawing in your flesh
indelible traces of passion .

Stone goddesses have no body
in this garden ,
but you are woman and your lips whisper
verses ,
new and tender grace
adorning your heart .

Oh divine sensuality of the Goddess
in woman converted .


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