martes, 11 de julio de 2017

NUDE SKIN ( Piel desnuda )

Nude skin – your skin –
falls in the picture – painting-
And my hands touch – temblering-
 nudity of yours .
  Your face hide your kisses
and  your lips distrust and hide
her pure and red fruit .
I can not reach them ¡

I turn my one,s gaze to the picture,
flamed verse of words and skin,
and I strip your body
and kiss your soul
with open mouths
and fugitive brush .

Frantic dance of open sexes
-          blood wet paintings –
running your sweet shadow
subtle and shy .

Figure impressed in picture,
floating images without life and breath     
assalting my body and my hands
euphoric of you .

I draw the sweet profile,
black hairs touching
very white breasts
convexes curves pointed
endless centre
fearless ,
pleasure thirsty of light .

Nudity painted of a human picture
trapped desire in burning  flames
touching flesh and blood ,
erotic seduction    .

Aeternal nakedness of a living body
and sweet
that is born with a burning  kiss
and dies in a nude verse

in absence of  you .

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